Easy steps to edit blogger template


1. Login to your Blogger Account. If you are managing different blog select the blog that you want to change then click Layout.
2. In Layout tab, you will be presented with Page Elements, Fonts and colors, Edit Html, Pick new Template. Click Edit Html.

3. Before editing or changing your template create a Backup first by selecting Download full template and save a copy on your hard rive. So if anything happens that you don't like you can just revert to your old template easily.

4. You can choose one of the default templates provided by Blogger by clicking on Pick New Template. Use Preview to see the new template then click the Save Template button.

5. Or, you can also download a customized template from a third party website and save the xml package to your hard drive. Apply your customized template by clicking on the Browse button look for the new XML file and click Upload.

Now preview your new template. If everything seems ok just click Save Template.

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